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Behaviour Shifts

Mar 18, 20200 comments

How will Consumer behaviour shift?

We are entering a new norm – for marketers/brands, we can no longer look at the past as an indicator of what we should consider next.

New behaviours are being adopted more rapidly.

  • Grocery & Take Out deliveries – contactless shopping. Will this be adopted as the new normal?
  • On-Line car sales – in China, even though car sales declined, on-line sales jumped during the weeks heading into the Coronavirus.
  • My Virtual Doctor – patients in Ontario can now speak with their Doctor an avoid having to go into the office.
  • Stop Bad Actors – Amazon has worked to eliminate acts of profiteering/price gauging of hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies.
  • Will professional sports teams play in empty venues?

The current situation is quickly establishing new behaviours and, over time, will be adopted as the new normalcy. (21 days to make a habit – 21 to break one and this one is not going away any time soon).

Given the marginalization, consumers are now experiencing, we think they are more likely to pay attention to the ones that make themselves present and approach them in the right way. So take action, now is the time to be noticed.


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