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FUSE Health 1


FUSE Health needed a way to stand out in the crowded pharma agency space. GNR8R led the FUSE Health team through a process of discovery to get at the heart of what genuinely made them different from their competitors. “Inspiring Mobilization” became the rallying call for their new direction and helped guide the design of their new brand identity.


GNR8R worked with the FUSE Health team to design and develop their new expressions for branding, web presence, product and processes that support and enrich their new positioning. This new positioning was then validated by clients, staff and other stakeholders.  Fuse Health received very positive feedback and immediate response to their new web design and messaging.


GNR8R carefully sourced the right brand identity designers, web development specialists and provided oversight on the implementation of all of elements for their new positioning.   We continue to work with FUSE Health to source and activate technology partners to enrich the proprietary tools offered by the agency.

Rebranded Elements

FUSE Health 2

Collective DNA

FUSE Health 3

Branded Icon Set

FUSE Health 4


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