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Fuse Marketing Group 1


Working with Fuse Marketing Group, GNR8R developed the response to Hyundai Canada’s RFP for a CRM strategy.  Hyundai Canada was looking for a strategic partner who could help them road map a complete customer journey by leveraging existing infrastructure while at the same time create a unique and new experience.


By design our positioning for Fuse Marketing Group and strategy was to focus on those who recently purchased their new Hyundai and begin to manage these customer’s experience as soon as they received their new Hyundai.   A complete new and existing customer lifecycle was developed with Fuse which included existing Hyundai infrastructure/channels but also identified key gaps.


Working directly with the Fuse Marketing team and their creative teams, GNR8R supported the preparation of the formal response and also participated in Fuse’s presentation to Hyundai Canada.

We were very proud to learn that shortly after the presentation Fuse Marketing Group was awarded the CRM program for Hyundai Canada.

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