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Keal Technology 1


Working with the original founder of Keal Technology and the Executive Management team, GNR8R was asked to help reposition the company for future growth and expansion.  GNR8R worked with groups from Marketing, Sales, Product Planning and Operations over a period of several weeks.

Keal Concept 1


It was important to understand the unique origins of the Keal brand and much consideration was give to existing customers and the strong associations they have with the company.  It was important to retain these strong brand values and leverage them to attract new customers to Keal.

The new Keal brand identity reflects a new level of energy and engagement that is more in line with the company’s agile technology development and commitment to a higher level of customer engagement for Canadian Brokers looking to expand and grow their business.  The visual brand cues represent a shift towards a more united approach focusing on Keal’s clients and their customers, streamlining and optimizing Keal’s product offering in simple uncomplicated human language.


GNR8R was responsible for the ongoing organization and stewardship of the Keal repositioning and rebranding project.  It was important that the development was flexible to work around Keal’s current implementation and support of business operations. Key milestones or check-in points were established with project leads and this allowed the project to move quite rapidly.

Introduction of Keal’s new brand positioning and identity commenced with a key internal presentation to employees followed by a series of National and industry events across Canada.  Key marketing and communications elements will continue to roll out through out the year and will eventually lead to a new corporate website for

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