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For intellectual property or IP centric companies suffering from cash flow constraints, traditional financing options may be unavailable or too expensive to pursue.  From time to time these companies may need additional capital for a variety of purposes such as starting up or expanding operations, sustaining or increasing their research and development spending, or for complementary acquisitions.

This emerging business option,collateralization of IP assets was the impetus for a new financial entity which GNR8R was engaged to enhance and create immediate traction in the IP lending business.

During the strategic process it quickly became apparent that the original company identity was limited in it’s scope and ability to tap into an emerging marketplace.  GNR8R’s methodology help to redefine and accelerate the company’s new brand name and identity now known as Quantius.


Working with the Founders and respective financial board members, GNR8R conducted a series of strategy and creative sessions which lead to several naming options.  After researching trademarks searches the new corporate entity “Quantius” was selected.   Key brand character traits for the Quantius were derived from the 5 founders and their specialized financial expertise that was then enhanced with their desire to become a progressive, pioneering and innovative company who quickly works with clients to help them acquire IP collateralization.

The Quantius design reflected modern, vibrant visual cues that was integrated across all marketing and communication frameworks to ensure a consistent brand presence and to quickly establish the company as one of the first IP lending companies in North America.


Once the strategy and design for the new company name was established, GNR8R’s role was to quickly organize and launch Quantius.  GNR8R sourced all marketing communications elements on behalf of Quantius and managed all deliverables including creative development and implementation. This allowed Quantius stakeholders to concentrate on establishing their business and to get out of the gate faster.

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