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unwalleted is a revolutionary new application that comes at a time when new 21st century operating systems are enabling individuals to organize their loyalty cards and never miss out on any of their rewards simply because they do not have their cards in their wallet.


Working with the co-founders of the company GNR8R led the strategic insights and future frameworks for unwalleted. We quickly identified the key insights and drivers that unwalleted needed to message with individuals, families, retail corporations and independent merchants.



Working with unwalleted these strategic messages have been integrated through multiple channels and are part of the presentation of the applications unique proposition.

GNR8R continues to work with the co-founders of unwalleted as the company continues to grow.

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Our Family Shares Loyalty Points

The advantage of using unwalleted is that we no longer need to carry a physical card with us when we shop.  But more importantly if you have a family of teenagers, then this is a great way to consolidate your loyalty cards.  Rather than have a loyalty card for each person in your family, now you just share one.

Downloading the application takes seconds through the Apple store or Google play and then it took us no time to scan our loyalty cards to each of our phones.  The application allows you to just take a picture of the barcode and instantly the store and your loyalty number is captured in the unwalleted application.

Now the whole family is collecting points to one set of virtual loyalty cards.  The points are collecting fast. Visit unwalleted @


For more information about unwalleted visit: