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Technology’s Key Role in Getting Us Back To Work

Apr 9, 20200 comments

We’re sure that technology will play a significant role as our Nation looks to get back on it’s feet. Although this article focus on Track and Trace, it could easily convert as a digital passport a proof of that individuals health status for COVID19. More of a digital immunization passport that could be used for access to retail – restaurants or bars.

Your cellphone could be a key piece to help lead us out of this current crisis. Mobile technology has several means to log activity; GPS can track location; Bluetooth receives and sends singals with other devices. The exchange or analysis of these micro exchanges could be used to trace your location and proximity to other people. Then when a person is identified as being positive for COVID19 – their past activity can be traced in their digital footprint. All devices that were within a specified distance from each other could be contacted and advised that they were in proximity of someone who tested positive, and they should now begin to practice self-isolation, or get tested. Cool

Technology's Key Role in Getting Us Back To Work 1

The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine

The Atlantic – April 8th. By Derek Thompson

Contact tracing is working in South Korea and Singapore. But it raises privacy issues.


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