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Arctic Velvet International 1


Arctic Velvet is building a global super premium brand based on their unique water source. The AVI (Arctic Velvet International) team had no interest in the traditional global agency model and selected GNR8R to design and orchestrate their 21st Century Marketing Operating System.


GNR8R is designing the work with AVI global content, sponsorship, distribution and to design a system that maximizes the effectiveness of marketing dollars by the optimal use of technology minimizing the cumbersome and costly matrix of agencies.


The first few projects demonstrated how effective the new approach can be. Using the GNR8R approach and methodology to design and contract projects, the cost and time savings were remarkable. The Global website was completely revamped in less than 3 weeks for much less than we expected, and new global packaging was designed and presented in less than 2 weeks.


Arctic Velvet International 2

New Corporate Web Site

Design, Development and Implementation was completed in a matter of weeks.

Arctic Velvet International 3

We Rethought Everything

It was important that all communication elements reflected the new marketing positioning.