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Rapid Enablement


Working with several key stakeholder groups at Mazda Canada, GNR8R was asked to consolidate and the needs from each division in the creation of a formal RFP for a new customer ownership experience. GNR8R worked with groups from Marketing, Sales, Product Planning, After Sales & Service as well as regional District Managers.


Careful consideration was given to work developed internationally within the Mazda Canada network along with product development teams.  It was necessary to have various inputs from markets already experiencing successful and operationally viable solutions, along with an understanding of  Mazda Canada’s future technology roadmap.

After a series of stakeholder interviews and research, GNR8R prepared the overall strategic framework and technical implementation requirements.  These were then synthesized into the formal request for proposal.



Through out the process GNR8R was responsible for the ongoing organization and stewardship of the project.  GNR8R operated on-site and created a ‘War Room’ which allowed all Mazda Canada stakeholders to participate around their normal day-to-day schedules.  Key milestones or check-in points were established with project leads and this allowed the project to move rapidly.

GNR8R provided Mazda Canada with the formal RFP, supporting documentation and timelines for the RFP process.

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